Love Stories

Fifty- nine years ago tonight my Uncle Bill Lester was spending the night with my dad, who was to be the Best Man at his wedding the next day. It would be a Sunday afternoon wedding. Bill Lester was marrying “his girl”, and a girl he loved and cherished for all of their marriage. They started out with nothing except God and love for one another. It worked. It was not always easy – but it worked…for 59 years.

Uncle Bill and I at my sister's wedding in December 2012.
Uncle Bill and I at my sister’s wedding in December 2012.

Uncle Bill called this morning to tell me where he was (with my dad) 59 years ago today. And he also told me this story. He and Aunt Margie were engaged. He was in Basic Training at Fort Knox; she was a high school senior. He missed her senior prom. When it came time for the senior trip to Chicago, Aunt Margie wrote Uncle Bill and asked his opinion of whether or not she should go. He wrote back that he was certain that she should NOT go.
The next correspondence he received from her was a card from Chicago. He laughed as he shared the story this morning…and what I heard is what I witnessed for all of my life: They were each true to being their own person while equally faithful to one another. They had many disagreements, but their honoring of one another was alwasy stronger than any other gain.

Aunt Margie and her sister, Marie.  Beautiful  and elegant ladies
Aunt Margie and her sister, Marie. Beautiful and elegant ladies

Aunt Margie made her transition to heaven last year. We celebrated her life. I celebrate the love that she and Uncle Bill shared. It was not always easy – but they were able, by the grace of God, to weather the hard times, respect one another enough to keep living fully and at all times to give God room to reign in their lives together. It’s a love story… and it is written day by day, month after month…year after year. What love story are you writing?

3 thoughts on “Love Stories

  • Grateful for the life & love shared . THSNK you Vona for bringing this story together to honor my folks marriage that persevered &
    Strengthened 🙂

  • Ah… well I remember. Margie spent the night with me! The church was so crowded…I stayed with Marjorie and Marie until time for them to go in….by the time I went in there was standing room only…. People were lined up all,along the back wall.. My Uncle JB was one of the ones standing …he opened his arms and I went into them …I was shaking so hard ..and crying too…not out of unhappiness but a realization I think of the magnitude of the event….. Marjorie was so beautiful… And they were so in love….. The crowd there that day attests to who each of them were…even at that age…. God has done a mighty work in and thru them… And it continues…. And will continue…. Joy unending….

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