I Believe in You

Doris and I traveled 14 hours on Tuesday. She picked me up from the airport on Monday and we drove to Chichicastatenango and slept.  Tuesday morning we left out at 6:30am and began the journey to Pastor Fabian’s home in Palqui.  Several students sponsored by people in our church had gathered in his home for the visit.  The road there is very difficult and the journey made it clear to me why people do not come here often. Horseback would be the best mode of getting around in that community. Pastor Fabian had his tied up behind the house…saddled and ready.

Pastor Fabian's horse
Pastor Fabian’s horse
The view from Pastor Fabian's home in Palqui
The view from Pastor Fabian’s home in Palqui

The drive was slow, curvy and finally BUMPY!  I suppose you can say that about most journeys in Guatemala but this was by far, my most intense experience.  Our top speed was 30mph…with 15 mph being the average.  So much for speeding up the pace – might as well enjoy the journey; and so we did.

Guatemala is a beautiful country.  The mountains are with you because the roads curve one hair pin after another all the way through the “los montanos”.  If you missed the breath-taking view on one glance, you will catch it on the next.  Every hillside is planted and the fields are home to the people.  There are occasionally horses, never a tractor… mostly just people with hands and feet deep in the tending of land. It is surreal. My grandfather was a farmer so this practice is known to me but I am overwhelmed by the reality of ancient practices of farming – most without machinery or chemicals.

The girls in Palqui:Brenda Suzannah, Olga, Leticia and Juana. I am so proud of these girls!
The girls in Palqui:
Brenda Suzannah, Olga, Leticia and Juana. I am so proud of these girls!

So…why? Why travel 14 hours in one day? Why travel for only a few?  There is one reason. Because these youth need to know someone believes in them!  They have hopes and dreams just like anyone else.  And this group from Palqui are able to imagine a different future.  We believe in them. Every single one of them. The boys were playing in a soccer tournament and could not come for this visit but several of their moms came on their behalf.  A great visit, indeed.   What about you? Was there a time when someone did something that let you know without a shadow of a doubt that they believed in you and your dreams?   (Is that near what  Jesus was saying in John 15?)

Although it is not  the same I am suddenly reminded of the woman who randomly came to where Jesus was visiting and anointed him with oil. (Mark 14). She did something out of the ordinary to speak something that no one else could (or would) speak. She did it with oil. How will you do it? How will you say, “I believe in you?”

Conversations at Pastor Fabian's table
Conversations at Pastor Fabian’s table
Pastor Fabian, his daughter, Blanca, and the small girl is Debra Suzannah
Pastor Fabian, his daughter, Blanca, and the small girl is Debra Suzannah

2 thoughts on “I Believe in You

  • Yes…you have held up POWERFUL words…. I believe in you…… Many of us have had that conveyed to us so often and in so many ways, we may have ceased to notice and appreciate…. I pray to find new ways … Along with the ‘inherited ‘ ones I have had modeled before and to me … To convey that most important message…. I believe in YOU!

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