There are volumes written on “friendship” and I dare not attempt to add insight to such wisdom already present. But I want to share this one moment of grace.  Today during our “home visits” with Pastor Felix, we stopped by the house of  Andres. I have noted him in earlier posts (April 2011 visit). Andres is the dear friend of Norris – the man who is responsible for all of us being in Guatemala in the first place.

me with Andres and Pastor Felix. Notice his t-shirt!
me with Andres and Pastor Felix. Notice his t-shirt!

Norris , Andres and Pastor Felix worked with the school, government and church to build the school at La Toma.  What we see today is a beautiful collaboration of several leaders who were able to bring their unique gifts and perspectives to provide a good place for the education of children.  When I see Andres I am humbled just to have conversation with him. This man has changed the world with his life.  It began with friends that came together in the context of meeting a need.  Andres is sick and it broke my heart to see him not well. Please pray for him.

When humble people come together in true friendship (amistad), life changes forever.  Have you ever had that kind of friend?  What about the world will never be the same because of your meeting? IMG_4987

4 thoughts on “Amistad

  • A meeting of friends can change them certainly, we know that to be true, and when God is invited in – there is no limit to what is possible. Speaking of t-shirts, I notice the one you are wearing, and it makes me smile. Much love and prayers for all the friendships you are making and the possibilities they will bring.

    • This makes me smile! Yes, I thought of you and Hope Clinic when I put that shirt on yesterday…a small way to stay connected. Much love and prayers for you also.

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