Sabiduria: Wisdom for Life

Elida wants to be a pastora

Our lesson for the 4th, 5th and 6th grade has been centered around wisdom for daily life.  The children of La Toma have dreams for their lives.

Joaquinn wants to be a policeman

God  is already stirring their spirits with possibilties.  And just like all of us…those dreams will require many wise choices along the way to living into those dreams.

the teaching board...

Our Scriptures have consistenly been Proverbs 2:6-11, Matthew 5:13-14; and with certain classes we have also used Colossians 3:17 and the parable of Jesus about building a house on rock.

Adonias wants to be a doctor
God has plans for me...
Jasmine, Shelly and kathy....hermanas!
We all have dreams for our lives. Those dreams unfold one day at a time as we make choices that lead us on a path.  The wisdom of God is available for us when we ask. And with that wisdom comes understanding, protection from wrong paths and a life that shines light in the world.  Our prayer with the children over the past few days has been that they will grow in God’s wisdom and it will bless their lives, their amigos, families, community…and yes….even the world. Let it be.

4 thoughts on “Sabiduria: Wisdom for Life

  • Oh WOW, the physical and heart changes are evident in leading them to build their lives on The Rock! I bet God is smiling and saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant…” BEautiful work that lasts!

  • Hey Vona:

    I should have been in your class for I surely need “wisdom for life””.
    Guess we all do.
    Blessings….you are indeed reaching these kids with love.
    Peg OM

  • How great to see children having fun with the “magic paper” Sarah brought, moreso their being encouraged to have dreams and plans for the future. Christine

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