Construcción 2

The road going out from La Toma. Feb 2011 PhotoThe 3 classrooms we are builidng this year. Each team has a role. We are team #3 and our role is roofing. We put up the trusses, decking and tin.

We are only one of many teams working on the school in La Toma. There are others….engineers from the Univeristy of Missouri working on water; Public Health teams working on health and safety…a list goes on.  We are all learning to share more and collaborate more as we go.  This post is a brief note about the construction progress…

The school yard BEFORE the concrete project. Feb 2011 photo

When the Tennessee teams first came there were only 3 rooms at the La Toma school.  Today there are over 600 students in the school and it is packed.

The concrete project in process in April 2011. All community work.
School yard after completion of the concrete project (April 2011)
more views of what our current construction site looked like when we arrived
The roof around 3pm on Monday, Feb 27th. All back decking complete and tin started. Front decking complete over 2 classrooms.
in progress...this was Feb 26th
Milton and Carlos were helping me with some measurements of fhe outside walls...
This is a 2 story building which the teams built several years ago. All of the construction at La Toma has been done very well. Thanks to Norris and the Guatemala leaders (school, government and community) plus amazing team constuction crews...this school will last for many many years.

One thought on “Construcción 2

  • This is fantastic! Now I see that “decking” is the first solid roofing atop rafters; then tin is used as the final roof material. Thank you for showing us how God is literally raising up this people out in the wilderness. To see the before and after pictures is awesome, glorifying God in whose name we all pull together to do this work and honoring the physical workers on site. What a beautiful school and what beautiful students! Fantastico! Thank you, Vona, for linking us all together in this good work. Christine

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