Michael and his construction team!

I have been granted the gift of an extra hour this morning. I am traveling to a different area and my ride has been delayed. I love the delays that are common in Guatemala. It has taken me a long time to say that.  And I still get all “ready” and then think, “oh yeah…I don’t have to hurry!” The delay today is the gift of a moment to write and get my thoughts together.

Pastors Mario and Alejo, along with Doris from the VIM office visited the site and shared greetings with us. They are leaders of the Metodista Church of Guatemala. Mario is the President (like our Bishop) and Alejo is a second Treasurer)

Things are changing.  This morning as our team met for devotion and I shared with them the plans for me to go meet the children from other areas of the country… I also told them that I felt a little bad for leaving the construction site.  Setting up a roof is hard work – every hand is appreciated.  We value “doing” more than “being”. But as Woody, our team leader, and Joe, a veteran team member said to me,  the mission changes and things are changing.  Yesterday the parents of the children came and talked with us…relationships are emerging…we are seeing one another and not a project.  I pray this continues at a deep level.  We are made for this…for collaboration and relationship.  It is beautiful.

Juana Magdaleha with children Elvia, Danilo, Edwardo and Harrison. And the family dogs, of course!

I dream of a day when we can see more fully that we ALL have something to offer one another and each offering is a gift – no matter where it comes from or what it is.  Yesterday I visited the Saban family home in La Toma. This family has become dear to my heart. I call them “friends”….amigos.  I was only there a short time but warm tortillas, beans and queso were placed in front of me.  Danilo and Elvia (2 of the children) wrote thank you notes into my notebook that are for scholarship sponsors from our church. They gave me three mangoes to take back for the team. We made silly pictures with the family dogs and we laughed and talked of the joy of the river. I have nothing to give them today except friendship. They have nothing to give me except friendship.  We exchange what we have…pictures, food, hugs and laughter.  This is worth more than any amount of gold or earthly treasure.  I am rich beyond measure.  (I Corinthians 13)

This was an impromptu lesson in english - spanish. The kids were teaching me all day and helping me with espanol. Then they wanted some english!

One thought on “Tiempo

  • Thank you so much for letting those of us ‘back home’ experience the trip through your words. Love the children sitting with and working beside our team. Travel safe…. Much love and prayers cover you and the team!!

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