Todd and his amigos working hard
Jack and Bryan .(Bryan is Felix's son)

We began construction today. Three roofs, three trusses, no major injuries and a lot of help from the children of the La Toma school.  They helped us hammer, drill, cut wires, prep wood, pick up lumber and learn Spanish one word at a time all day long. We are constructing classroom and we are building relationships. I wonder as I watch the team set the trusses up…which ones of these little ones will one day be teaching in this classroom and sharing the story of when it all began…

Sometimes construction is about hammers and nails, sometimes it is about relationships. Today was a lot of both.   A few of the children were truly our helpers and co-laborers all day long.  They worked hard. They are strong and want to learn.

Sarah McGinley...on the roof again!

And the team worked hard.

Some doors opened today and it is possible I will travel to meet the new students our church has sponsored. Some of them are from a remote village pretty far away but we are making arrangements to meet in the middle.  This is a great opening and I am excited about the possibilities.

Claudia, me and Hania. Hania is the Principal this year. This role is rotated every two years so Ana, the Principal from last year is back in the classroom teaching students!

We reconnected with friends that teach at the school. Due to Ash Wednesday this week there are really no classes until Thursday so that is when we will be teaching.

Marta with "Queen" Dulce who was named Miss Carnival today

Today was all about celebrations, beauty pageants and enjoyment! This includes packets of flour being dumped or sprinkled on other’s heads as often as possible throughout the day.

Los ninas lined up for the celebration! Muy bonita!
Sally and her partner in pulling nails!

4 thoughts on “Construcción

  • Dearest Vona,
    It has been awesome to read with praise and prayer in what you and your group are experiencing. Im going to email you, Please check your email when possible. With much love!

  • I love your blog posting and photos. It’s really great to get to experience the trip and people along with you all.

    • Dear Vona, Thank you for the photos of progress, especially of the children. What is Sarah doing up on that roof?!!! I’m increasing my prayers for protection!!! Love you all, Christine

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