Saying “yes”

Although saying “yes” seems to come too easy to many of us who are overcommitted…the truth is that saying “yes” is very hard.  Saying “yes” often means risk, vulnerability, possible failure and possible greatness that is beyond our control.  And sometimes saying “yes” hurts.  So why do we ever say “yes” relationship, to God’s nudges, to anything???

Jack and Sarah Neal

7 people said “yes” to the nudge to come to Guatemala for the first time this year.  Sarah and Jack Neal started getting the “nudge” several months ago. The deadline for signing up for the trip passed and they weren’t on the list. The nudge persisted. I said,  “there will be another trip…another chance…” The nudge persisted.  Someone had to cancel; Sarah and Jack Neal are here.

Dudley said "yes!"

Dudley Berry has never been on a mission trip and never out of the country. She has been waiting for a time when at least one of her children could drive so the daily life of the Berry household would continue in her absence. One of Dudley’s children now drives. Dudley is here.

Randy said "yes"

Randy Odom has enjoyed a busy career and has traveled to over 10 countries serving in the military. He is also a local pastor with the United Methodist Church. Randy took early retirement this past year. He’s always wanted to go on a mission trip but his work schedule didn’t allow it. Randy retired. Randy is here.

Debbie said yes!

Debbie Kleinschmidt is a multi-cultural lady with a heart for respecting others in every circumstance. She lived in Singapore for several years and is well versed in the hows and whys of understanding other cultures. Debbie wanted to come on the trip. She signed up. Family needs emerged that required her deep attention. Debbie cancelled. The nudge persisted. Debbie signed back up. The family needs persisted. Her husband stepped up to help more. Debbie is here.

Todd said yes!

Todd Officer is a husband and father of two small boys, henry and Graham.  Being away from his family is no small thing – for any member of the family! Todd has a heart for missions. He leads our Missions & Outreach Committee at church. He brings books to our attention: The Hold in Our Gospel;  When Helping Hurts; Toxic Charity.  Todd can’t stop pushing just a little more for a faithful and humble relationship with others.  In the middle of family life, work and commitments….Todd said “yes” and Todd Officer is here.

Michael said "yes!"

Michael Jones is a gardener.  Acutally, Mike is the garden angel. He lives among the gardens on the North Campus of our church. He plows, plants, weeds and harvests. Michael has never been out of the country.  There are several reasons why Michael could “not” go on this trip but the invitation was stronger than every “no”. Michael said “yes”. Mike Jones is here.

Every person has a time and a place to say “yes”.  Yes means risk. Things might be hard. Things might be amazing. Life might be different. We might be different. Saying “yes” to the inviations of God are consistently about relationship, consistently transforming and consistently a step of faith.  Adventura with the Divine. I am so thankful people keep saying “yes!”

One thought on “Saying “yes”

  • May all of your yes’es be pleasing in God’s sight. May all of your days be blessed and fruitful. May your lessons be easy and your joys overwhelming. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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