Shared Vision

When I was here in April teaching in La Toma, we were visited by Pastors Juan Pablo and Mario of the National Metodista Executive Committee.  It was our first encounter and a very powerful moment of discovering God’s nudging across countries and cultures.  Today it happened all over again. her desk in the VIM office. Ingrid has worked here two months. She is a gracious hostess!

I was visiting the VIM (Volunteers in Mission) office in Xela today. Three members of the Executive Committee were meeting there and we arranged to have some time together.  I spoke my broken espanol and they graciously received my words.  Then we decided to share visions.  Who would go first?

Heidy Santizo and Ingrid. Heidy serves as the VIM Secretary.








Me, Amilcar, Juan and Mario. All leaders of the Executive Committee of the National Metodista Evangelical Church of Guatemala.

We made formal introductory statements. Mario shared his love for Norris and Fran; he sent his greetings and prayers.  Amilcar Rodas expressed similar sentiments and greetings to Norris and the Tennessee teams and he added that he thinks I am hear to represent Norris and because the women need to see that females can serve as leaders.   Juan Calyua shared that leadership is hard and things go wrong – but God is faithful to equip and provide. He encouraged the sharing of ideas. I had my formal greeting written out in espanol and offered it with greetings on behalf of our dear friend, Norris, and also my church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Now we were ready to hear the “ideas”.  I spoke only one or two sentences….a
community center where we could teach everything…down by the river. Something Norris and I have discussed;something that we both were thinking before we ever shared it.  Mario took out his big yellow highlighter and
as I was saying my 2 sentences he highlighted some words on his paper.  I stopped and he spoke in espanol, which Doris graciously interpreted for me:       “The three of them spoke of this vision before you arrived today. It is the same vision: a community center where we can teach everything…down by the river on the land they purchased with Norris.”

Sunset on my last night in Flores. All I had to do was "show up" to receive this gift

And there it was…again. Five of us this time, (3 Guatemalan pastors, the VIM Coordinator, Doris, and myself) standing in that holy place again where you discover all you had to do was “show up”; God has already spoken what is to be. We arranged for a second meeting.

Almuerzo! (Lunch at the VIM office) Doris made the fabulous meal - complete with pineapple pie and coffee at the end.

And then…almuerzo! Doris had prepared a fabulous alamazur for all of us and we feasted and talked and simply appreciated the moments of time together.  It was great to see the VIM offices of Guatemala. This serves as the country’s only “church” office.  From this space, they lead the national Methodist Church, including all the VIM projects across the country.

After all this I had a moment to myself where I could look in the mirror and I only had one clear thought: “You know, Vona, hot water is not really all that it’s cracked up to be. Whatever you thought it was…it has faded and now it is no longer.”

The VIM offices are upstairs; the downstairs is Salud de Paz, a medical clinic connected to the Metodista Church of Guatemala
The conference room of the VIM office in Guatemala.
Their statement of beliefs
This very rare collection of Wesley's sermons published in spanish is on the shelf in the conference room. This becomes a very important detail for the next post....


One thought on “Shared Vision

  • Hi Vona,

    I was reading some of your posts and you cannot imagine how much things those are making me think lot of things!! I hope we can meet some day in the future, sometimes I miss the VIM office for talk and share time with people like you, who have lot of virtues and knowledge, I hope all your plans for the future be blessed.


    Heidy Santizo

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