In Case You Were Wondering….

A very rare publishing by Providence House Publishers of Franklin, Tennessee of Wesley's sermons in Espanol.

Sometimes we all wonder, “am I in the right place? did I get all my turns and cues correct? is this the road you wanted me to be on right now?” And life gets really fun when we quit wondering so much and just enjoy the adventure.  I was enjoying the adventure today when this happened.

The background is our church historian, Andy Miller, who is a leading expert resource on Wesleyan history, the movement of the Holy Spirit in Methodism and a host of other things.  In recent months, Andy has mentioned, in casual conversation, a collection of Wesley’s teachings that he published a few years back for a special request: to translate it into spanish! As he shared this we both had that “aha!” moment when we realized he had a resource in spanish that I would know where to place.  Andy called me the day before I was leaving for Guatemala to tell me where to go to get a sample and take it with me so I could get a “feel for it”.  I was slammed trying to get everything done; I wanted to get it but I ran out of minutes. I’ve thought so many times over the past 3 weeks how much I wished I had that in my hands.

So today as I was catching a few pictures of the VIM Conference Room in Guatemala there was only one set of books on the shelf.  I noticed the imprint right away: PHP: Providence House Publishers.  I grabbed one of the volumes off the shelf and opened it up to see “Franklin, Tennessee” on the publisher’s page.  One of Andy’s very rare volumes of Wesley’s writings in spanish is on the shelf in Guatemala…how did it get here and do they know it is a friend and member of my church who published this set????  I stumbled over my broken spanish while waving Franklin First UMC brochures and pointing: “Franklin, Tennessee”…brochure; “Franklin, Tennessee” book publishing…this is my hometown and a member of church!”

All I am saying is this: I quit wondering some time ago, “if” I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’ve started watching, instead, for the discoveries God offers me to assure me that God is where God is supposed to be! All I need to do is keep showing up. Today…I showed up snapping pictures of a bookshelf that held answers to questions I haven’t had time to ask.  I call that amazing grace.

Mario and Adolfo at the VIM Office

One thought on “In Case You Were Wondering….

  • Wow, that is awesome! Thank you for sharing and most of all…thank you for reminding us that God is always with us, we just need to stop, look and listen.

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