The Iron Did Swim

There is an awesome teaching in II Kings 6 about a borrowed axe head that fell into the water and the prophet Elisha was called to pray and bring it to the surface. It was a great concern to this group of prophets. Well…we ALL know what it is like to lose something important. Maybe something very valuable – either monetarily or because it holds special meaning, important content or… as it was for the company of prophets in II Kings 6…something borrowed that belonged to someone else.

So I wrote on Tuesday about my “lost notebook” that had all my grammar rules in it. I prayed this prayer from II Kings 6 as I do with anything I lose of particular importance. I learned this practice from a lady named Carolyn several years ago.  You can read more about that prayer in the blog posting of when I lost my blackberry in Guatemala back in the earlier part of the year.

The moleskin journal with all my grammar rules and notes in it. Realized it was "lost" when I arrived to class on Tuesday without it. On Wednesday morning when I went to class it was right there...

This post tonight is to say one thing: The notebook did swim!!! It floated right to the top on Wednesday morning when I walked in, looked down and noticed it on the floor of my tiny classroom.  How did I not see it before? We don’t know. What we do know is that “the iron did swim” for Elisha and it swam for me this week too.  God is so faithful.  Don’t forget to ask for help …even when you lose something that you need to find.

3 thoughts on “The Iron Did Swim

  • God is faithful, God is faithful, God is faithful!!
    Yes, even in the little … the mundane…. in EVERYTHING that concerns one of his children (or ANY of his creation!)
    Don’t know the reference right now but . .. to paraphrase…’EVEN when we are unfaithful, God remains faithful’!
    What a caring God we serve!!

  • praises! loving that we are sharing your journey. thanks for the pictures. my prayer today is for your weekend – decisions and experiences. miss you though

  • I remember you sharing the story of the ax with me before with your words of “the iron did swim”. You have a gift for bringing scripture to life for me Vona ! I have a feeling that is true for many. Thank you for sharing your life experiences as they are given so we can see through your glasses that God has tenderly placed on you! There is no one like you.

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