El Apartamente

Today a lot of the schools were out doing band performances and such. When I was in Parque Central this presentation was being done at every side of el parque. Hopefully I will read about it in tomorrow's paper.

Life is so full. I will only write of a few extraordinary moments today.  It is my 9th day here in Xela, and my 7th day of spanish class.  The teaching and learning are full immersion so I am with spanish speakers all the time.  We don’t sit in a classroom all day long.  We are there some of the time but we are also out walking, going to the store or just changing environments to keep the learning practical and full of energy.  There are a few students who also speak English so we see each other at break or on excursions…but primarily we’re in espanol. I just got home from some time with a fellow student from the USA that speaks 5 languages and was giving me some tutoring on spanish. It was all in English and that was the most English I’ve been around since I arrived. Strange! My teacher tells me: 75% espanol, 25% English… Please!

Paula and I playing with Scooby Doo. He cannot sit still. So much fun. Scooby is a Schnauzer. Paula is one of Lilian's three grandchildren.

Today I moved. That was part of the plan.  And it was and is exactly the best thing. But leaving Lilian’s was harder than I thought it would be.  The kids are playful. It’s a large family… about 8 coming and going from there (the kids are ages 2-5) and everyone within working age range does work and the household stays very busy. Anyway – the kids are a lot of fun – and I will miss them. It was a wonderful experience to be in the home of a “normal” Guatemalan family in Xela.

Lilian. My host madre for my first week of study. Lovely lady, great cook and amazing mother, grandmother and everything else. She has been hosting students for 20 years.

As I left today Lilian was standing in the doorway holding Paula up so she could wave goodbye. She was waving so hard and calling my name;  I was fighting back the tears. Luis and Jaime from the school picked me up and drove me to my apartment which is only a few moments away.  My goodness… what if I had stayed two weeks with them??? Those kids would have broken my heart!

Elcira. This is Lilian's mother. Sweet, quiet and taking life easy these days.
fresh fruit & veggies on my table!

My tears vanished the moment I walked in and saw my new “home” for the week.  It is tiny, perfect and has a great view of Xela mountains, sky and city.  Exactly the setting for what my mind and spirit need.  I am so thankful! And I already have a neighbor who is here for the next 10 days. She arrived last night.

And so…the learning continues. I will visit Lilian’s again before I leave Xela. I will play with Paula and  Diego and Atudo and Scooby Doo.  But for now…for these moments that unfold into days…I will enjoy the solitude, beauty and space of  yet another perspective of Guatemala.  And here I will be listening for the whispers of a faithful and amazing God. Let it be.

2 thoughts on “El Apartamente

  • This post sort of ‘says it all’!!
    I continue to be amazed at God’s provision!
    SO thankful that you can post and let us live it along with you…. because that feels like what we are doing! I pray to also be ‘learning’ along with you whatever and all God offers.
    love you!

  • As good as each day of learning seems to be this next stage seems to be unfolding perfectly as planned from above also. It is simply wonderful to read about your immersion of life there with close bonds created quickly. I am glad that the transition to a new place has begun in a good way. May tomorrow be especially blessed.

    Much love to you Gravy Cousin

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