Where is Your Tesoro? (Treasure)

Dogwoods are in bloom!

I am home in Tennessee. The dogwoods and honeysuckle are in bloom. The fields are green and the pine trees in our yard stand tall and strong.  While I was away my sister (whom I call “Pincho”) took care of my dog, Tiki, in addition to the home we share. 

Just before I left we had a big storm and several of our trees fell down so she has been busy taking care of everything from the storm damage.  This morning I was just thinking about all the people who went to Guatemala with me.  Maybe not “in person” but were still on the journey in spirit.  There are many!  Norris who was given a vision for Tennesse to be in relationship with Guatemala over 20 years ago; Sarah Mc Ginley who led the charge for our church to be involved in that mission; Debbie who covered my Bible study on Wednesday nights; John who covered my worship responsibilities on Sunday; Lynn who shouldered the care of the congregation; Pincho who kept our home in order; Fido Fitness who stepped into take care of Tiki when needed; and every person who offered a prayer or read the blog or had a conversation to tell a portion of the story.  So many people – too many to count or even know. 

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21


My reading today is from Matthew 6. It is rich. It encourages us to store our treasure in the spiritual realm where NOTHING can take it away. Everything mentioned in this teaching is done in spirit – with the wisdom that wherever your treasure is – your heart will be also.  We do it by

1.  Praying (verse 6)

2.  Surrendering to God’s will (verse 10)

3.  Fasting (verse 17)

4.  Seeking kingdom righteousness (verse 33)

Those who have taken this journey “in spirit” by praying,  by hearing the story and by covering the gaps so I could go…every one is part of the treasure God revealed during this return to Guatemala. I am confident God will bless every one of you – those I know and those I don’t.  Because when we are engaging in the spiritual with our Creator, we are no longer limited by distance or ability or resource. I am thankful for this amazing power of God! What treasure are you storing up in your life today?

2 thoughts on “Where is Your Tesoro? (Treasure)

  • Vona,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog posts over the past two weeks. You were able to see and feel a part of Guatemala beyond what some of us have seen as part of a mission team. We say in VIM Team Leader training that we must always focus on relationship building first and, through your efforts, stronger relationships have been built. Thank you for responding to the call!!!

    On April 30th I will be leading another VIM Team Leader training session for the West Ohio conference. I plan to share a little about your recent return to Guatemala in the hopes that it may inspire others to consider stepping out in faith in a similar way. Your experiences may move mountains you have never seen!!

    God bless,

    • Howard, thank you SO MUCH for taking this journey with me in spirit and for sharing it with others. Your friendship and hospitality in welcoming me first to the team and to God’s work in this beautiful place is a gift beyond words. Share it wide and abundantly! May God bless all the work of the past and lead us into a an amazing future of continued miracles!

      With Gratitude and Joy,

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