Buenos Dias

Chickens at Eliva & Daniels

Saturday was terribly ordinary and good.  Without an agenda and much needed rest, I slept in and then went for a run.  I missed my long run that I normally share with friends.  But it was great to get in a few miles, survive the heat and then let the day unfold.   We risked a little motor taxi and buzzed up and down to the grocery and picking up dinner.  The conversation and learning are a blessing. Just being in the culture is a great help to me.  Jesus preached the kingdom is near, even at hand. Paul preached the living out of faith as believers.  We bring hope and the love we were asked to share (John 15:12).   When you have received such as the love of Christ you have much to share.

La Toma cow just sunning

This morning we are out early to go with Adolfo and his family for his daughter’s baptism. It will be special day. There is some travel and Adolfo is picking us up soon. I am mindful this morning of the gathering in my church at home.  I will miss the worshipping congregation and am especially thinking of our youth who are bringing the message through word and song. Listen well and listen deep to these young voices.  God is stirring the generations and what they have to say will show us much of what is to come.

Much Joy and Gratefulness this morning.

Puppies! Their eyes haven't opened yet
Turkey that is soon to be dinner in the La Toma community
I have a lot to say about this river...beauty & poverty flowing. Someone please stop long enough to see.
Edwardo and Harrison are the youngest of Elivia & Daniel's siblings. All joy for these two!

4 thoughts on “Buenos Dias

    • Jane, thank you so much for the prayers. I feel them and need them! It is an amazing thing to watch God’s faithfulness come into view so strongly each day; like miracles unfolding. I am humbled and thankful.
      Much love to you and the prayer warriors of our church!


  • I know you were praying for the youth this Sunday. I went to service both hours, first in Historic with Bailey Fuqua, then East with Jordan Bennett. Most Spirit filled youth services I’ve ever experienced at FUMC, or anywhere for that matter. Such a witness to the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst. May His Name be proclaimed and worshipped. He is Good and continues to bless us in spite of . . .

    • Katie, Thank you so much for sharing this! I know every message had to be so special. I look forward to the DVD!:) Indeed, the Lord is blessing us and raising up a generation of faithful youth that will be a light of Christ in the world that is brighter than we have ever seen. I see this happening….in our youth and in the youth here in Guatemala. I have shared with every class here that I believe the Lord is rising up this generation. It is so good to be a part of the miracle…whether in Franklin Tennesse or another land of the world. God is faithful. I am full of joy.
      Thank you for taking time to read the blog.

      Love to you and yours,

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