Feliz Cumpleaños

Celeste's home ready for celebration!

We have received much hospitality here. Although we keep a small cooler for our food each day, we are not eating most of our sandwiches.  After teaching a class at the school we walked a few steps through the jungle to Celeste’s home where her daughter, Allison, was having a cinco (5) birthday party.  The teachers and the students were all there – it was great to be a part of this celebration!  We gave out more pictures as we keep running into kids and teachers. It is fun. 

Celeste and Allison with the big pinata!


the birthday girl

For our gift we presented Allison with a small coin purse that Chester brought and 5 hersheys kisses tucked inside that I had on hand.  A little Guatemala, a little American chocolate.  They gave me a swing or two at the piñata!  We left the party with birthday cake, goodie bags and smiles. Yesterday we left Daniel & Elvia’s house with a box full of bananas.  They will ripe next week so I think we will eat bananas every day. We have a lot!

Ana, Celeste and Claudia
Hanniah and her daughter, Monica, with Chester


Who doesn't just love a birthday party?


The concrete project at the school is making progress with Felix, his sons and a few locals working each day.  There are 8 sections to pour so maybe a lot will be finished before we leave.

During the birthday party we received another invitation for Monday night to go to church with Hanniah and her husband. I am very thankful for this.  They attend an Evangelical church and this, along with the Catholic church, are the primary religious influences in the community.  I want to “see” what this is like here.   I have learned over time that there are many expressions of faith that we think we know and understand but when we experience those in the context of sharing it with people we know,  it is different that our perceptions.  All that said, I am happy she invited us!~


Today there is time to reflect on what we have seen so far and prepare for the week ahead.  Prayers for insight and exactly the words of hope and truth to share are welcomed. I know, however, that is also as much what people experience (including me!) in all of this that will change  lives for God’s glory. Let it be.

One thought on “Feliz Cumpleaños

  • Querida hermana Vona,
    “The Master God, has given (you) a well-taught tongue, so (you) know how to
    encourage tired people.”
    -Isaiah 50:4, The Message
    !Espero que el Senor este bendiciedote con boca bien ensenada de su Espiritu Santo!

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