Day One in the Community…

My posts are late. This is the first moment to get on the internet!

We’ve had an incredible day.  It was so late when we got in and settled last night…after 10pm. Adolfo stayed over since it was so late and helped us arrange for daily transportation to La Toma. It is about 20 minutes from where we stay.  The process of purchasing the Bibles in Guatemala City took a few hours and then traffic was crazy. Nothing new here!  The drive from the city to Mazatenango takes a few hours with bad traffic.

Ana, looking at pictures our team members sent back with me. They LOVED the pictures!

Today we arrived at the school to find several teachers on strike at the school. This turned out to be good news because three classes are going with teachers who are volunteering their time and students who are eager to be in school.  We spent our time talking to Ana, the principal and learning a lot about the family life of the students.  We got a good focus for our teaching. We will concentrate on these three classes this week and the remaining classes next week. 

Deanna and Dorca - eager students!

It could not be a better situation: we will have targeted and repeated time with the 4th – 6th grade classes. This is exactly the group we need to connect with. All in all we have about 370 students to teach this trip.

They are making concrete for the school ground

We met with Felix (pastor of the nearby church) and have sessions set up with his church leaders for Thursday evening and a group of district pastors for next week.  I will offer a message of encouragement and teach all of them about the Life Journal for a daily practice of reading and inspiration from the Scriptures.  It will help them with sermon preparation and nourish their spirits along the way.  We have 40 Life Journals to give so it works out perfectly. We will do this same teaching with all of the teachers in the La Toma school.  Our hope is that this will create some unity in the community as people connect through the daily readings. The beauty of this practice is the openness it allows for each person to find wisdom to apply to their own life. When done in community, the learning can be shared so that it builds up the spiritual life of the people.

me with Eliva & Chester

We visited Elvia and Daniel’s home. They weren’t home today but we found Elvia and spent a bit of time with her and later met her mom on the road for a long and good conversation. They are doing well. There is no water in the home so washing dishes, clothes and the daily needs of life take a long time and are just tough.   Engineers Without Borders is working on a possible water project for the area in the future so maybe this will change.

I am very thankful. Chester has been a great partner and we are both excited about the days ahead.  Keep us in prayer and most especially that we will connect with the students tomorrow in a way that will lead them into more encounters with the grace of God.  Our meeting with Felix’s church leaders in the evening so we are in for another long day.  Pray for our energy and focus.  I am full of joy!

the last team painted the classrooms where we put on the roof
Andres Lopez and I by sign at the school that mentions the work of the TN teams helping to build the school Andres was a leader in that project and takes great pride in the school's improvements.

4 thoughts on “Day One in the Community…

  • It is so great to hear and see what is happening with your work. I will continue praying that God will use you in the most amazing ways. How lucky they are to have you there and how glad I am to watch His plan unfold. Bev

  • So Excellent! Great to “see” Chester! You two are amazing. I am so excited that the Lord has spoken to all who are there with you. Your work is so important and I know you will all recognize God’s hand in your work. Peace with you all. Hi to all my friends in La Toma!
    Blessings and God’s grace in your work

  • Vona,

    Oh how your blog fills me with Joy. Love it – Love you! Tom wanted me to ask you to check in with Ezekial and his family. He wants to make sure also that the sign language book made it to the school. The kids were so sweet tonight praying for their prayer partners as they do each night and all three without any prompting asking God to bless you as you are there blessing others! With Joy in my heart – Sister! – Angela

  • Okay and since I did not see Nita post – we were at the LITN meeting tonight and well – YOU DITCHED US 🙂 Know we know your work there is important – just missed you 🙂

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