All Things and Everything

I am scheduled to return to Guatemala tomorrow. It will be the 5th of April – exactly one month since I arrived back home in Tennessee.  What has happened over the past 30 days has been an unfolding of miracles and God’s grace.  It has involved people from many places. People I know and love. Strangers I have never met. People taking care of tax deadlines and committee meetings.  People who are in warehouses with Bibles and people who are being “nudged” into prayer.  I woke up this morning literally feeling the strength of the prayers of the church.  It is humbling and it is encouraging.

We are in the middle of the season of Lent. I don’t take this lightly.  The return from the most recent mission was March 5th and  on March 9th we gathered in the sanctuary for Ash Wednesday services.  Along with many others in the church we set a focus for our personal journeys as we remember the the path Christ walked on his way to the cross and to resurrection. I set mine too.  The words that came to me as I was at the altar were surprising to me and even a bit curious: “all things and everything”.    I am learning each day what those words meant.  My scheduled return is the beginning of Holy Week.  I will reunited with the church at Maundy Thursday services.  Let it be.

One thought on “All Things and Everything

  • I have been living this week with a phrase from Maxie Dunham’s workbook of intercessory prayer which is our study in our small group…”Father, I thank you for stretching me to become a responsible, maturing child of yours. I feel your longing to invade earth with your kingdom’s love and power.” To invade the earth…I just feel your love invading La Toma and I so appreciate your words and your pictures, sharing after a glorious day that was different than you expected, yet you are always there “in Jesus’ name” which has haunted me for days. Jesus himself couldn’t be there in the flesh, so here I am in his name. what an awesome responsibility to go “in his name.” Maxie Dunham speaks of Frank Laubach and says his whole being, everything about him, the stance of his body, the expression on his face, the sound of his words…everything breathed love. I feel that Christ so lives in you that every heart will be opened to feel His love in a new way. Your gentle spirit, your smile…God bless you and Chester in all you do today. I know you are there “in Jesus’ name” and I thank God that you listened and continue to listen.

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