Coming Home…

God's beautiful creation in Guatemala

Sunday morning when our team woke up we were all back in our respective places. Our own homes, appreciating our own showers, drinking coffee from our own cups.  There was no team devotion. There was no bus to take us to our day’s destination.  We each walked into our churches with a host of stories on our hearts. We carried in the smiles of the children. We came with our blisters and memories. We came with greater love. 

our table of fellowship


The transition from one culture to another after experiences like this is difficult.  People from home want to hear the stories, and we will want to tell them. But there is also a sense of hesitation in me:  how can I tell your story without holding your hand on the playground? How can I share your culture without your voice joining me in the telling? How can we speak for your children, your families and your land….and offer fully what you have offered so graciously to us in friendship and hospitality?

Still, these questions and the hesitation cannot hold back our sharing.   Each of us will have to find our way to do it while honoring God and the people we have come to know and love.  During worship yesterday I served at the Communion table, which we call “The Great Thanksgiving”.   As part of “giving thanks” around that table I shared this art from a few of the children at the La Toma School. Here you are seeing the pictures we took with the children,  and at our communion table, the church was able to see the originals. God is faithful. God is faithful in the moments. God is faithful in transitions. 





The completed roof project

After Jesus had “big” encounters with the people, he would slip off to the mountain and spend some time in solitude.  What did he do? We know he talked to the Father about all that had happened.  (Mark 6:46) Maybe he posed questions that weren’t clearly answered.  Certainly he offered words of thanks for the miracles and being given the words to teach. Maybe he talked about the disciples and his hopes for how the experience would impact their lives.  He rested his spirit and body for the next time…which was only a few hours later when he took a walk on the water! (Mark 6:47-52)

What about you? What helps you transition from the mountain tops of amazing spiritual experiences to the ordinary (and still miraculous) moments of daily life?

2 thoughts on “Coming Home…

  • It was an honor to hold up one of the paintings from the children that you returned home with.
    Naomi Drake

  • It is only when we feel His touch are we able to transition to that place that is so welcoming through His grace.

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