You will Move Mountains

We arrived Thursday night in Antigua, which is a strong contrast from the dirt, poverty and heat of Mazatenango.  Antigua is a beautiful place full of history, art, architecture, religion and romance. 

I opted to hike the Volcano Pacaya on Friday and thankfully others were willing to join me.  It was not a hike to do alone!  B.J. was sweet to let me borrow her shoes as I left my worn out tennis shoes full of Penta, in the trash back in Mazatenango. 


Pacaya erupted 8 months ago so much of the landscape had changed and it was hot!  Woody went with us and said this was the toughest (or maybe second toughest) hike he had experienced with the volcano.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before now but Woody, our team leader, has been coming here and doing work for 11 years.  He is a fine leader and a deeply grounded man.  He and Robin (the dentist) are both from Columbia FUMC.   OK…back to the hike.

My partners in adventure hiking

My partners in adventure:  Woody, Russell & Diane Little and Calvin, from 61st Ave UMC.  I talked to Calvin’s wife, Annette, before we left on the hike and promised he would survive the adventure …and he did, but not without a few moments of doubt; I know he’ll get me back for this one! Our hiking guide, Gabriel, spoke very little English but was gracious and kind with us.

We roasted marshmallows over an unending cavern where the heat was 3600 degrees Fahrenheit.  We stepped down into a cave that was a “natural” sauna where you could only stay a few minutes it was hot. The lava we hiked over was everything from big rocks, to deep sandy gravel.   It was mostly straight up or straight down. We had to dump the tiny rocks out of our shoes several times along the way.  The views were stunning – the challenge everything a good adventure should be. I loved it.  Every part of creation offers us some clue to the wideness of God’s creativity.  If the Creator of the universe can do this, surely I can trust that same profound divine power to guide and direct my life. 

Calvin survived!


We are at the airport now and we have a lot of waiting to do on our journey back home.  I need the time – as I have not written anything since Thursday.  My heart is full of tears and full of joy. As life should be when you are living.

A sweet little dog at the volcano


2 thoughts on “You will Move Mountains

  • How nice to have your post this morning! I had already thought ‘she will do the volcano trek!’…. glad it was a fun tho challenging adventure. I thought of when your Dad and I hiked up the volcano at Pompei… do you remember the movie we had lighting a newpapper from down in one of the ‘holes’??

    • I don’t remember your and dad’s hike story from Pompei but I’m glad to hear of it. It’s funny how hard it is to conceptualize something until you see it or experience it in the “real”.

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