OK…I’m Blogging

My first blog writing was in November 2010 after which I quickly became distracted by many other things….and no blog happened.  Well, OK….now it’s real…I’m blogging. I’m leaving for Guatemala on a mission trip very soon and it seemed important to set this up and be faithful about the practice.  So..here we go! No promises – but it’s started. We’ll see what unfolds.  Thanks for joining in; I hope you find some salt!

5 thoughts on “OK…I’m Blogging

  • Great idea …. I vote for Life in the Deep End….
    Hope you keep it going….
    Did you choose the pic from your own collection?

    • Interesting that you would like that title best, given the orignial context. I like it too. The picture is from the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii! Thanks for posting and adding your opinion.

      • Of course you realize it has just been in my 74th year that I have become comfortable in the deep end of the pool!!

        Thanks be to God I’ve been the deep end spiritually for a long, long time..!

        • Mom, you are the most courageous woman I know. I love that you are becoming a friend of the pool in your 74th year. You’ll be swimming with the dolphins before it’s over! Most of all, you spiritual deep end has blessed my life more than words can say. Love you.

  • Pass the Salt please. So glad to be reading your blog! The mission trip to Guatemala is a perfect opportunity to write and share. Love you!

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