Before I Begin

Before I begin – You have created
Before I brush my teeth – You have established the day
I watch your sun rise
It changes every moment
The beauty is too great for me to capture
You are creating, moving, establishing
I stand in wonder.

Forgive me when I begin the day
with dread or fear or arrogance
instead of gratitude and awe.
Thank you for the sun rise that reminds me:
All things came into being through him,
and without him not one thing came into being

Forgive us when we enter life’s moments
with condemnation, pointing fingers
at our neighbors; many of whom we
do not know, and judging those we do.
Forgive us when we want so much to
be on the side of whatever is “right”
that we have no more space
to love. Or learn. Or listen for
what you may be saying.

Your sunrise reminds me how quickly
you create and establish new things.
Every second of every moment
moving mountains, changing minds
bringing spirit, removing idols
crumbling, building, shedding,
breaking, healing,
restoring, transforming….
And we
in awe
of You.

Help us position ourselves for
humble following
however and wherever you lead
We love you, Lord.
We trust you, Christ.
Thank you for not giving up
on us.
We welcome your new day! Amen.

Vona Rose Wilson
(reference John 1:3)

One thought on “Before I Begin

  • My precious Vona,

    Wow. This is truly inspired, and oh so Vona. Oh, so Susie. I pray you felt her Spirit with you, because she would be saying, “ Yes, Lord, Vona is your chosen child into whom you bequeathed the most lovely attributes which you, yourself, perfected. And brought to bear in your prefect Example 2000 years ago. And yet, You still create anew each golden moment on earth and in Heaven, so that those waiting and watching will see and taste and know your Glory, just beyond the veil. And your Vona, our Vona, proclaims your Message to the great numbers, Lord, and we are duly, and undeservedly Blessed by her beautiful Witness.

    And that, our sweet precious Servant Vona, is what Susie, Shearer and I have always known, loved and treasured in you, since the first moment you walked into our ever grateful hearts. We are made better by you, our Angel Vona.

    How you have Blessed me this beautiful October day. Thank you, eternally, my sweet, beautiful friend.

    I love you so, Becky

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