When It Doesn’t Make Sense

There are so many times when life doesn‘t make sense. Heartaches we can‘t resolve. Violence that leaves us speechless. Diagnoses that come too fast and healing that takes too long. Tsunamis and eruptions that remove communities and change the landscape forever.

It is life…all of that mixed in with the joys of pregnancies and falling in love. Holding that first grandchild. Walking by the river. Staying up late talking with friends. Coming home after a time away. Life.

I couldn’t sleep part of the night. My worries are small and not enough to keep me awake. I was thinking about the parents, friends and spouses in Texas and New York who can’t sleep because their grief is so violently raw. I was thinking of the brothers and sisters that are wide awake, becoming way too familiar with what it is like when death comes too early, and it feels like a part of you dies with your sibling. I had no words so I just prayed for them all. Trusting God to move into the spaces of their long night and give them peace even when it doesn’t make sense to have peace.

I woke up to the rain moving in and it blessed me. The earth will have the drink it needs today. If we need to be crying we won’t be alone as nature cries with us. Restoration comes. The earth will be relieved from the dryness and our creeks will run full again.

What will fill us from our heartaches and grief? What will restore us when the days get too long while we are waiting? Who will come to sit beside us in the dark, reminding us that we are not alone?

I’m a person of faith so I believe Jesus waltzes into my bedroom in the middle of the night and sits in the chair and waits with me. There have been so many times the resurrected Christ showed up when it made no sense that holy could stand in the middle of the darkest parts of life.

The peace of Christ we pray for when life doesn’t make sense is the peace that …doesn’t make sense. It’s the peace that comes even when circumstances don’t change and life still hurts and healing is delayed. It’s the peace that insists on being present with us. With us when we are asking questions no one can answer. With us when we are crying. With us when all we can do is try to breathe the next breath.

I believe armies of prayer warriors are launched in these times when life doesn’t make sense. It has become one of my practices in the dark to sing the truths that keep my roots intact. Sing the song. Read the prayers. Or just breathe and remember their message.

Psalm 121 is a quiet but powerful reminder that our help, when life doesn’t make sense, comes from God. Pick up your Bible and find the Scripture. Make it your prayer. I’ll be praying with you.


God, thank you for bringing peace into our life spaces where it just does not make sense right now. Thank you for people that pray for us even when we are unaware. Thank you for bringing peace to the many communities that stand so deep in grief from the persistent violence in our world. And help us, holy God, to let that peace transform us in the ways that only you can do. We love you and we trust you completely. Amen.

“Do not be anxious about anything. But in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

4 thoughts on “When It Doesn’t Make Sense

  • Thank you precious one. For giving us the words and prayers and the deepest tears filling that River. Ohh dear Lord, let it Be Well with our Souls, and most of all with those families of yours who have lost soo senselessly..our hearts are raw and heavy.. I love you Lord, and your amazing Vona

  • Vona , thank you for providing the words & prayers felt . Old hymns often arise from deep within my soul … literally going back as a little girl in the small church hearing the voice of PaPa Lester singing that song … decades later as an adult standing in the pew nestled between daddy & momma & reliving the joy of hearing her sing that same hymn in her alto voice , IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL … realizing that moment as pure gift to cherish as the last time . Oh Lord we need you & trust you to hold each broken heart close to yours
    pouring out your Spirit of comfort , love & a peace beyond understanding.

  • As I sit unsettled this evening – with all the discord in our country and truly all that does not make sense – and literally have no words, your words have ministered so clearly and closely to me, Vona. The reminder of Ps. 121 is perfect, and I am meditating on it now. And, you know how I feel about beautiful music. There’s a saying, “When words fail, music speaks.” Another great reminder. Thank you.

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