Morning Word of Unfailing Love

Answer me quickly, O LORD:
my spirit fails.
Do not hide your face from me
or I will be like those who go down to the pit.
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I lift up my soul.
Rescue me from my enemies, O LORD,
for I hide myself in you.
Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God; 
may your good Spirit
lead me on level ground. 
– Psalm 143:7-10

David wrote this prayer.  In all seasons of his life, he had challenges. As a shepherd it was protecting a flock of sheep from the wolves and predators. As a warrior it was leading men into battle.  As a person called by God, it was the sheer struggle of trusting when things were hard and discerning the way to keep being faithful.  David’s enemies were often other warriors, but not only other warriors.  

“Enemies” are not only in battle.  Sometimes enemies are doubt and fear that paralyze; lies that swarm in our heads or through other voices around us; distractions that lure us from the primary focus of our lives.  In each situation, we have access to a deeper wisdom and divine help that comes from our Creator. We need only pause long enough to seek a different perspective. A perspective that brings the wisdom of all time into view.  Is this the prayer for you right now? 

The LORD loves us right where we are and however we are, right now. It is a love that does not fail. We don’t earn it or buy it or bargain for it. We receive and welcome the arms of God that are reaching out for us. It is a humble and brave embrace. 

Holy God, in the same way you heard David’s voice asking and trusting you for help, please hear ours. In the same way you have been faithful throughout the generations to respond as the prayers of your people rise up from wherever they are, thank you for coming near to us today. Do not let us go. Amen.

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