The Morning Prayer

Holy God, you bring the sun to its rising
with no help from us.
The birds begin their songs
the rivers run without any 
command or assistance from our hands.
The dew will dissipate
breezes will arrive and just as easily disappear.
We created nothing; you established all.
We humble ourselves before you and all that you created.
We praise you and thank you for all you have established.
Let our breath be drawn from yours
Let our steps be ordered by your grace
Take the work of our bodies and minds; it belongs to you.
Please bless whatever we offer.
Take the cares and burdens of our spirits; they are too heavy.
Bring peace where the deepest wounds and sorrows
have lingered too long.  
May your wisdom that created this day
guide our lives through the hours 
with safety, with love, and your mercy that 
is offered to us new every morning. 
By your Spirit, may the moments we live today
bring honor and glory to you. 
What joy we have to live in your presence today! Amen.

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