Wee Hours Prayer

Nudges of your Spirit come in the wee hours.
Perhaps, Lord, someone you love is reaching 
for your hand of grace.
We are seen. Even in the wee hours.  
Reaching into the dark spaces of grief 
and uncertainty 
of pain. 
Come now, Holy Spirit, come.  
Come now with your mercy 
into the wee hours of our lives. 

Where suffering has interrupted the days of a focused life; Lord have mercy.
When grief grips our souls and tugs against the pursuit of healing; Lord have mercy.
For the past that returns unwanted, for the futures we dare to dream; Lord have mercy.
Bring your arms of grace around our trembling bodies. 
Offer your blanket of peace to cover the places 
of our lives left out in the cold unattended.

Lead us to our simple prayers:
Help! Mercy! Come quickly Lord Jesus to help us!
Remind us again that your love persists
In the wee hours
In the waking hours
In all hours.

For you, Holy God, created us and placed us in time on earth
Where your grace is never offered too early, 
and never arrives too late.
We find our peace in the arms
of the resurrected Christ 
holding us all again. 
One miracle moment at a time.
Bring rest. Restore our breathing. Bring peace. 
Let your love lead us back to sleep. 


2 thoughts on “Wee Hours Prayer

  • What a partnership .The Holy Spirit and you write the words of our heart so divinely beautiful. Loved the song/video .

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