Morning Fog: Happy Friday!

The weather icon cautions me that fog awaits the day and I know instinctively it is good. Low visibility reminds me that God still sees the long view. I learned it several years ago from my neighbor in the country. “We know the sun is rising even though we can’t see it.” She loved to say it; it was a mantra for her and it became one for me. We are people that need to be reminded!

I ran to see the fog and was shocked to see the sun piercing through the shroud as if to say:

I’ve changed my mind.
The fog will not linger.
The lift is now.
Caution is replaced with courage.
Clouds are being swept away.

It happens like that sometimes. Life does. A solution emerges with the same immediate announcement of a light bulb in a pitch black room. Or that subtle inching, nudging….even squeezing into our lives like a little whisper that persists until it is shaping us into a way of being we didn’t see coming.

The fog is a friend when it comes. Reminding us in ways we can experience. Slow down and pay attention. Take a breath. Remember that the sun has not been taken away. We are being shielded while new light, new voices, and new revelation are being formed. Welcome the day; it is the careful provision of our Creator.

Sunrise – June 4, 2021

God, thank you for being in the fog with us and never losing sight of the long view. We welcome your new day! We love you and trust you. Amen.

Here Comes The Sun – Beatles Remix

5 thoughts on “Morning Fog: Happy Friday!

  • I dearly love: ‘I’ve changed my mind. The fog will not linger. The lift is now. Caution is replaced with courage. Clouds are being swept away.’

    I’m thinking this may be a message to me….my eyes were drawn to the painting by Don Hershmam…. it has always been very meaningful to me…..having to do with my neuculer family and new found strength when Mother died . Maybe new United purpose…. certainly United front…..the ‘rising’ behind it being powerful and life giving…. sustaining…..

    …. perhaps the decision to ‘change my mind’ is both of God and of me…. deciding together??? That meaning and purpose and strength rise (again or anew?) upon a new morning….a new birth…..

    Thanks. I receive that which I did not suspect was coming.🙏❤️🙏

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  • Dear Vona, Thank you for all your words. I wanted to quote the ones that meant the most to me today, but as I read this over and over I simply couldn’t choose any. Each sentence held more meaning each time I read it. These are words that I will return to again and again.

    Peace and Joy,

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