Night Before Pentecost

The night before Pentecost holds its own special anticipation. We will do strange things tomorrow, like wearing red and watching for any new glimpse that the Spirit is active. I was hanging banners in our Historic Sanctuary late this afternoon and as I was finishing up a wind came through and one of the banners shifted. I’m sure it was the cord that slipped, not quite secure. But it didn’t appear or feel like that.

It felt like a wind blew through the sanctuary; a wind that no one created. There was a sound. The banner shifted. The movement of its shift caused it to keep moving back and forth, until it finally held still. I may have been holding my breath as these moments unfolded. I may have left a little faster with a nervous smile and a curiosity in my spirit. This “wind” reminds me on the night before Pentecost, that this is God’s story. And God never stops revealing new things to us.

I went home. I watched the sunset and prepared supper. I tried to be “normal”, but there is nothing “normal” about this life. On the night before Pentecost we remember that anything can happen when God is fulfilling promises. It can happen in our lives. It can happen in our communities. It can happen in our world. That’s just how the Spirit of God shows up, and we are called to be ready to follow. I’ll never be ready enough – but “Come Holy Spirit come” anyway.

Sunset on the night before Pentecost, 2021

Holy God, help us to never stop anticipating the surprising presence of your Holy Spirit being poured out on your people. Even when we are doing ordinary things we have no idea that you are doing something extraordinary. We welcome you to blow through our gathering places on this Pentecost Sunday. Open our eyes and our spirits to see. We trust you completely and we love you. Amen.

One thought on “Night Before Pentecost

  • What a timely reflection for me today. We are exploring a new organizational structure for our congregation and will host a meeting this afternoon to answer questions and concerns. I will be more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our midst. Thanks for sharing!

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