Holding Tension: A Prayer

Lord help us hold the tension today where hope and despair run parallel.  Help us grieve with those who approach gravesides and celebrate with all who receive news of relief and joy. Give us courage to be in the waiting; the tension of uncertainty and the anticipation that you might do something – say something – or reveal something we didn’t expect, today.

We live in a world of violence. Violence that condemns others, and a violence against our own selves. It doesn’t come from weapons we make; this comes from what it is deep within our hearts. Many of our hearts are broken. 

Help us hold the tension of Maundy Thursday, where hope and despair run parallel. Allow us courage enough to come to the table, and humility enough to stay with you and with each other.  Thank you for inviting us to stumble in with dirty, tired feet; hopes and dreams; unanswered questions; denial; masks and even love.  There will be tension, so help us hold steady and not run away from you, today.


Carpet in Guatemala. Semana Santa, 2017.

If you are looking for ways to experience a Maundy Thursday service tonight, here is a link: https://live.franklinfumc.org

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