A Prayer of the Heart, 2021

Lord give us strength to dust off our wings
and rise up from the places across
the world where we’ve been waiting
for healing…for peace… for love to
cover the wounds of this life.

Lord give us faith to move mountains
especially the ones we created
without knowing or necessity;
striving for what will not
feed us or help and guide us,
and often for what is killing us.

Lord give us courage to follow the
star of your leading.
Be our help and our guide
our wisdom and discernment;
the clarion voice that pierces
every noise, alarm, explosion
and constant static.

Creator of Hope, who brings order
out of chaos
Light into darkness
Redemption of our failures
Forgiveness of all sin
Love everlasting,
humble us that we might fly again.
Or perhaps…for the first time we have
ever taken flight for you.
We place ourselves into your merciful hands.

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