Sunday Morning

The trucks are blaring through the trees at Bambu; there is no sound barrier. The birds are singing and flying all around. I search out coffee and explain why I need it “to go” so I can be outside.

Snow at home; heat and sun here. A bit of travel later today and the heat will be gone. I love the way God created nature.

I’ve had three dog encounters this time that have been unusual. The K9 officer, an angel of mercy; Lucia’s two companions who didn’t want me to leave yesterday morning; and Manuel’s dog, whose name is Michael, who lay down at my feet and wanted to play. Perhaps they all know I come as a friend.

We visit with scholarship students this morning. And Norris, Dr. Robin, John Hembree, Woody…the crew. We are talking plans, again. It is a day of grace unfolding. I miss my church family in this moment and am grateful for the body of Christ that is connected across the world. All is very well.

Prayer: God, thank you for the way you work all things out for good..and for your glory. We trust you with all that has ever been, and with all that will ever be. You are faithful and we are yours. However and wherever we worship you today – thank you for hearing our hearts and praise. Amen and amen!

Kristene DiMarco

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