Felices Pascuas

EasterMorning2017Easter morning comes with so much joy!  I jump up to see the streets after the night of Holy Saturday.  They are quiet.  The bell rings where I am staying. The brooms are just beginning to dawn and every now and then I see a well dressed couple rushing not to be late for an early Easter gathering that I cannot see. I slow down my pace and think of the women taking spices to the burial site of Jesus.

I receive word from home as the crowd gathers for sunrise and my heart fills with joy for what they will find. I feed the pigeons and two men who slept in the doorways; bread for this day…bread for life.  The liturgy begins pouring out of my mouth as I walk down the sidewalk: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, and blessed is your son Jesus Christ…..”  My heart is full.

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