Waking up Today: Election 2016

img_0339Waking up the morning after Election Day is, for me, an exercise of my faith. This morning our country wakes up to a truth: we have elected a new President of the United States of America. People voted. A President was elected. I don’t have to “win” or “lose” in this truth. I live in a country where we exercise our right to vote. We, the people, did that and the practice of doing it is a significant part of what shapes us in being the United States of America. I am grateful to live in a country with this practice.

This morning I go to my quiet place for my spiritual practices, as this is my daily rhythm. Silence, Scripture reading, prayer, writing. The practice shapes who I am, and I need this alignment. This morning those prayers now name the person elected as our future President: Donald Trump. May God capture his heart and guide him and prepare him for the time to come.

As for me, and I hope for many, there is good work to be done today. Work that provides hope for children who need adults to care enough to read with them; work that develops young adults into leaders who hear their call to ministry; work that strengthens our ability to share hope, healing and Christ with all the people in our paths; work that faces hunger and says, “I have enough to share”.   The work of being Love and Grace wherever we are, all day long. Teachers will teach. Nurses and Doctors will treat patients. Police officers will watch traffic and keep peace. Community leaders will hold meetings and decisions. Students will think and reach new insights. Plumbers will fix problems.  Bus drivers will get kids to school. Moms and Dads will dress, feed and send their precious ones off into the day.

Our hope does not come from the results of an election. Our hope comes from God, the maker of heaven and earth; the One who created the sunrise; the One who set the boundaries of the seas; the One who breathes into us the breath of life; the One who came and poured out his life that we might live freely, abundantly and eternally. Christ shows me the way to live faithfully in the world. Yes, even in a political world! Many who have gone before us practiced that way. Many are still practicing it. And more will follow if we stay the course. Of all days, let us live it today so that others can find the Light.

LORD, thank you for being greater than our fears, our joys, our plans and our wounds.  Help your people everywhere to rise up, give thanks and follow you today. We trust you, Lord, and we love you.  Amen.

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