Unpacking Joy

It is a day for unpacking. It is a day of being so thankful for what it feels like to come home!  Every item I pull from my jumbled suitcases brings blessing and smiles.  There is the dress from wedding joys. I will forever be grateful for the love this couple found together.

Our last day in Guatemala together
Our last day in Guatemala together

I will forever remember the joy of being with my mom and sister as they experienced Guatemala for the first time. I will never forget God’s gracious provision of this  miracle on the 4th of July. It was a different kind of family reunion! One to cherish.




Mexico mission memories
Mexico mission memories

Oh there are the tissue flowers from VBS in Mexico! The bracelet I still have to finish making; the mask of a lion.  I hear the children’s laughter.  I see the shining light in our teenager’s spirits. Notes fall from my journal and I am reminded how faithfully God spoke to each of us every day. My heart is filled up, over flowing and spilling all over the day.

2 thoughts on “Unpacking Joy

  • Welcome home, Vona! I loved the stories you shared through your blog posts of the trip. My heart is filled up from the pictures you painted for us with your words this week.

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