More Than…

Our devo today was More Than and the guys offered it for us. Walker, Coleman and Reid stepped up and tried out their English while Ricky translated in Spanish.  Yes, that’s right. Sometimes it does feel like you are trying out your “English” when you are in a Spanish speaking country!  Their devo was great and they inspired us to be “more than…” just someone that calls themselves a “Christian”; they urged us to be more than the name.

I could write all day about each of the 30+ people on this mission but for now this is a glimpse into two.

More than an acolyte: from worship to Mexico

Nick has been in our church all his life. He is an acolyte so he has made a strong commitment to be in worship and serving for many years.  And Nick does more than that……he escorted Yaneth during her Quinceañera!  Sometimes you just get chosen. You don’t necessarily “do” anything; it just happens.  Nick escorts Yaneth And when it happens in another culture it is even more surprising.  From acolyting to busting up concrete to playing all day with the kids, Nick stepped up do more than just go on a mission. Nick said “yes” when he was asked to be the escort for the birthday girl!

More than music: from the choir to hair salon

We all know Abi from church. She sings in the choir. She preached on Youth Sunday. She has been there day in and day out for most of her life.  But there are always hidden talents in the life of every person. In many cases, we never get to discover them, but they exist just the same. And sometimes you are with someone long enough that the gift just bubbles up and spills out in the middle of something ordinary.  Like a room full of girls on a mission in Mexico needing to look a little bit pretty.

Abi's salon....Abi has a gift for styling hair!  It is truly amazing.  In need of looking special for graduation one night and a Quinceañera the next, we literally stood in line as we waiting for her gifted fingers to weave beautiful braids in our hair.  I am thinking she can pay her way through college with this talent. And the best part is her sweet spirit that is happy to say “yes” to the next one who gets in line. I love what God does in our lives with the ordinary things you just “like to do.”

This youth mission team is definitely as “More Than…” group of teenagers and leaders. They are sharing the love of Christ in all the creative ways God gives them. They are leading. They are creating. They are living…into…a God sized vision for the world today. It is a beautiful thing to see.

On the last night of our time, the youth of Benito Juarez and our youth all did dances to express their culture and joy of being together. Our group chose a Taylor Swift song,  Shake it Up.  As the song reached it’s last chorus the team invited the Mexican youth to join them on the dance floor and … oh my goodness what a great sight it was! Indeed, God is shaking up some Joy here!

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