The Return to Casa Hogar Benito Juarez

The greeting of little faces filled with love and hope. That is what awaits us at the children’s home in Reynosa, Mexico. The students who return from last year know the joy that is coming this week. Those embarking on the adventure for the first time are eager, humble and ready.

For me the joy is tenfold. I see the faith God has placed in these children of Benito Juarez and I see what God is doing in the teenagers of Franklin First UMC. We are all blessed beyond measure. The youth have stepped up in a big way. Each team has a part to offer: VBS; Work; Recreation and Devo Team.

VBS chose the creation story for VBS and the creativity is spilling over every day. Glow in the dark stars brought shrieks and thrills like no other! The pajama races to celebrate the creation of day and night brought to life a sleep group children. And then…tissue flowers for the creation of plants! How fun!

In the beginning....
In the beginning….

Every session includes Jess reading the story in Español; the youth adding to the creation mural; the children creating something that symbols that day in creation and then an activity to express all the goodness of creation. Oh….yes…and the SNACK!

Creating day and night; sea and sky
Creating day and night; sea and sky



Concrete work. The new school will eventually be on these slabs.


Meanwhile others are working in the garden harvesting more carrots and corn than they ever imagined possible. And I hear that today there are more slabs of concrete to break up in the yard. And in-between there are games, conversations and love to give and receive.

Harvesting corn and carrots.
Harvesting corn and carrots.
Love plays too
Love plays too

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