Through the Window

This Guatemala mission team arrived in stages, almost the same way we do life:  one day at at time.  Four arrived on Monday, ten on Wednesday and three today.  Travel adventures and busy North American schedules make for an interesting experience! it is good to be here. It is good to see friends. It is good to introduce new people to Guatemala. It is good to be with a team of people who want to honor God with their lives. I am grateful.

There was a teenage boy that watched us through the window most of the day. We were holding a medical clinic in La Montanita, about a 20 minute drive from our home base.  He stood in the small space between the building next door and the church where we were working. All day. Every now and then he would reach up and stretch his long arms on the bars that covered the window. Maybe he was curious or maybe he was dreaming. Or maybe it was  simply a place to be today. It helped to see him because the last time teenage boys hung out and watched us work inside the church, they ended up helping us by week’s end. We’ll see what becomes of this young man.

We experienced wonderful things today!  The medical team triaged and treated 71 patients! Woohoo! They worked like a dream team.  Pastor Nicolas Morales hosted us in his church. Makeshift “exam rooms”, a pharmacy and triage station transformed the worship area into a clinic. I had to laugh at God’s humor. I stuffed a copy of John Wesley’s Primitive Physic in my backpack this morning “just in case” there was a moment to read. There were no moments, of course, but it still seemed an appropriate resource given our situation. Wesley made his preachers carry a copy of the Primitive Physic in their saddlebags. After preaching the Sunday sermon they were to administer medicine and remedies for the congregation.  So as I worked triage and my medical background came rushing back into full view, I laughed at the window God gave me today.  So much grace and blessing in this!

The construction team had the pleasant surprise of being “outsourced” by the locals. Pastor Manuel’s church members came out to work and put their hearts and hands into the building of the second floor room site.  Ultimately this will be a computer lab for the students.  It is so good to see local people who care about their community putting in the time and work to make it happen.  Our work team supported them and then installed stoves in homes around the area.  I can’t wait to hear their stories at dinner.

We all look through windows.  Today this team looked through a window to see another country and culture. We have asked God to open our eyes this week.  To open our eyes personally, as a team and as a church.  Something is happening that we need to see. Pray that we are open enough to discern. Pray that as God gives us wisdom and revelation we will follow with courage and grace. Let it be.


4 thoughts on “Through the Window

  • So glad you are doing this (and blogging this), Vona. God is using your gifts (and those of others) to take this ministry to a whole new level. We are grateful!

  • Warms my heart to read your blog….. and to see folks from ‘my’ church in the pics!!
    love you, Mom

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