Lunes Mañana

The rains have come which gives me an extra moment to write; I am thankful. Yesterday was a wonderful day of cultural and spiritual experiences. Some attended a wedding. Others enjoy the Hot Springs. Still others visited friends and families. I love the way the team is moving into the spaces God is opening for us. Our conversations at night are diverse and edifying. They are experiencing Guatemala in new ways that provides a new picture of the country and people. The challenges of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and lack of education are one part of what is here. But also here we find beauty that takes your breath away. We discover friends that will go the extra mile to take care of you. We meet families that are woven together like a fine fabric that does not allow any outside force to unravel its bond. In the end, it comes down to being about relationships. We all carry inside us a part of God that needs to be expressed on earth. No matter our country, our gift or our situation…our spirits have something beautiful to offer.

This morning we are calling upon friends for more meds so our dental team can keep numbing mouths before they pull teeth. We are getting supplies for the artists within our team to keep creating. We will start a new women’s circle in another community and do home visits in La Toma. The stove team will continue and the dental team moves to a new community as well. Amazing day ahead!

I love the rain. Not only is it refreshing, it also helps us understand more of what daily life is like with pouring rains during the rainy season. As we are told, there is a shift in climate right now and the rain is more than normal. We are having a shift in the team as well. Maybe we are growing more in prayer, as we have increasing opportunities within our group and with the people of Guatemala. I am convinced that God is creating spaces that require us to move out of our “norm” and come together in prayer. What grace to lead us into these moments!

(Pictures later when the rain and connection improve)

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