Morning Notes

My heart is full this morning and the internet (or my computer battery dying..take your pick) limits my writing. We leave Chichicastanengo this morning and travel to the camp at Lemoa where we will have a little fiesta with the students we sponsor. As I poured over their names this morning my heart filled up with love. I am eager for the team to meet the families. I am eager to reunite with them and tell them once again, “we believe in you!” Please pray for us today. Simply that we will be channels of love. Pray that we will carry with us the same intention and grace Christ carried when he stopped to look into the eyes of each person because each one of them is a child of God and worthy of our attention. I am happy!
After this meeting we travel more until we reach Mazatenango and the site where our teams have been staying and serving for many years. It will be a little like going home. Our prayers and love are being sent daily to our friends, families and church. We are so grateful for all of your prayers.

With Joy and Love,


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