How Can I Keep from Singing?

A night of prayer, a morning of beauty. The song that is in my head is “How can I keep from singing?” I remember the first time I heard it in a little dive in Knoxville. A memory I cherish because of the grace and ease of family. The wonderful diversity in the family never allows me to forget that each one of us is so uniquely different, yet bonded by a much greater love. The “difference” is our unity in Love no matter our diversity in life. Context, income, culture, language, education, hardship, success, failure, joyful or broken…. The bond that begs you “welcome” is the love that only comes from the one who created us. Our grandparents welcomed the Spirit of God into their lives. They built a life on their trust in God. No one knew what that would look like over time. Today…we are scattered all over the nation and even a few countries. The thread remains. The bond continues to grow and strengthen. The Love increases. Wherever we gather – more love comes. How can I keep from singing?


3 thoughts on “How Can I Keep from Singing?

  • My heart sings after reading your message. Guess I am singing along with you and your mom.
    Peg OM

  • So funny … the Priest at my parent’s church claims the song “How Can I Keep From Singing” is the theme song of their parish … as in … hardly anyone is singing except the choir hahaha

    I am happy to hear your spirit feels stirred in such a way that you cannot even restrain your “singing”. I am hopeful and prayerful that this will only increase as you take some time to hike, talk to nature (as few humans do) pray, and “listen” while in the midst of God’s majestic landscape.


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