It’s Not Over…

Antigua provides a lovely respite and transition place. We arrived hungry and eager to get off the bus and feel the breeze. We had a late lunch at the traditional location: Frida’s. It was wonderful!

Lunch at Frida's
Lunch at Frida’s

Again we were blessed to have two new people join us: Oscar, who is a local Guatemalan with family connections to Pastora Myriam’s congregation; and Emily, who is Chester’s girlfriend. These reunions were happy and it was an honor for us to have new friends at our table.

Speaking of tables…we held our last reflection at the Bambu and shared communion together on Friday morning. As we set up for the group, we were humbled as we needed one more chair, then another, and another, and another… Our circle has grown! Our team of 18 was now a connected group of friends of 28. How could that be? IMG_6592 We were joined by Ana, Rosa and her baby Kevin, – all of Guatemala. Doris and Alberto – of Guatemala. Pastor Juan Pablo – of Guatemala. Chester and Will – of Gautemala. Felipa and Aurora – of Gautemala. Ten Guatemalans in our circle! We shared our voices of thanksgiving and awe for what we have experienced over the past 8 days.

From our communion table we each took a card that had the prayer of child on it. We will take these prayers into our individual prayer lives as a way of honoring what God is teaching us about relationship in the body of Christ. The prayers of those in the USA will meet the prayers of those in Guatemala…we are united in these prayers of the children. We realized as we sat in this special circle that we are slowly but certainly experiencing the vision John wrote about in Revelation 21: “all tribes, languages nations and races….” will be worshipping together at the throne of God. We are worshipping now….why wait?

We had two “last dinners” – one at Bambu and one in Antiqua. At the Bambu Felipa and Aurora prepared a banquet for us and served us at our table. We were so blessed by their caring and hospitality. The food was awesome too! You will see a picture below.

Our last team meal was a blast! The Don Rodrigo is a place we can all recommend. Live Miramba, which is always nice. But the added treat was the traditional dance that went on and on and on! This was so special as it gave the team another encounter with this land of culture and color. Michael and Olivia joined in on the dance which added to our joy.

Last dinner at Bambu.
Last team meal at Bambu.

You can barely see Dr. Robin but he is with us!
You can barely see Dr. Robin but he is with us on the early flight!

I’m writing on the flight home. Seven of us had to fly early because we couldn’t all fit on the other flight. It was hard to split up so we are trusting God to keep us all safe and joined in prayer – just as we have for all the other days. When we land in Nashville, we will all land differently. We are changed; we are being transformed; we are being sanctified. Our hearts have opened wider; our eyes have seen a little more of our Creator. Our spirits have been stretched. We pray this will only increase in the days ahead. We will each need grace for the transition “home”.
Doris cooking our last breakfast at Bambu. Such a gift of hospitality and grace!
Doris cooking our last breakfast at Bambu. Such a gift of hospitality and grace!

The Love of God is a powerful and mysterious gift. Jesus wanted us to focus on this love. He said it over and over again: “love one another as I have loved you”. I am grateful for the experience of God’s transforming love within this team and with all of the people we shared our days with in Guatemala. May it only increase with the Spirit and Love of Christ.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Over…

  • Through prayers, reading your blog, and gazing into each picture I have been able to itness this amazing team and share in the transformation. Weel done faithful servants. May your work create ripples for generations upon generations both in America and in Guatemala. Peace!

  • Vona, I really enjoyed this last blog. I especially liked your question about why should we wait for all nations and trips to worship HIM together? We can do it NOW!
    Then, toward the end, I liked how you see all of you changing, being transformed, being sanctified.
    Thanks for sharing. This gives me things to think about as I worship through serving.
    Aunt Nan

  • Hi Vona:
    I learn from every word you write in your blogs. What a gift you give to those in Guatemala as well as those of us at home reading about your travels. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Blessings on you and everyone on the team.

    Peg OM

  • Michael, Aunt Nan and Peg – thank you all for reading and your thoughts in response. It gives me a of joy to write and I’m thankful some of it connects for you!

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