Amigos Nuevos

Cata, me and Letty (Cata's sister)
Cata, me and Letty (Cata’s sister)

Every day we meet new people who quickly become new friends. Wednesday morning we were blessed when our amiga nuevo, Cata, joined us for breakfast. I met Cata through a mutual friend from the United States who is in Guatemala on water projects. We met for the first time in person on Tuesday. She graciously agreed to return a share a little bit of her life with us over breakfast the next day. Cata is Mayan and her sharing of the cultural traditions of her family was such a gift. She connected to the USA through a missionary who came here when she was a young girl. A long friendship was established across cultures, languages and distance.

There is a Scripture in Revelation 21 that says there will be a day when we are all together from “all tribes, nations and languages” worshipping at the throne of God. I’m so glad we met Cata here so when we get there it will be a joyous reunion.

One thought on “Amigos Nuevos

  • At last … a picture of the gifted leader of this mission team 🙂 The stories you share are truly amazing. My prayers are with you for a beautiful landing to this week and a joyful celebration in Antigua. Peace and love! Michael

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