Monday Blessings

Our first day in the church was great. It was clearly God’s arranging and blessing. Our focus was on three things:
1. A women’s group in the church
2. A youth activity in the afternoon
3. The art mural

The women came in and embraced Pastora Myriam’s leading and teaching with great joy. They laughed, they shared, they prayed. It was incredible.

Pastora Myriam holds a women's group at the church.
Pastora Myriam holds a women’s group at the church.

The children that flocked to the church with their moms or just from rumors of us “making bracelets” (which I think the mural team began!) were met with a spontaneous craft session, singing and the love of many team members. Ansley and Olivia and LaVerne handled the surprise congregation with grace. It was awesome to see them connect and just love.

In the afternoon Michael and Jake did a music session with guitars and drums. Manuel (pastor from neighboring area) joined them in the later part and there was a jam session, a teaching, and Guatemalan youth making music before the day ended. Priceless!



Sometimes art just speaks for itself. Often it does. The eyes of the students when they saw the mural…..the words of gratitude from adults…and even our own team just being awed at watching the mural take life….all these things encourage me and tell me that if we simply follow what God shows us to do, amazing things will come into being. How hard, though, just to follow!

At the end of the day one of the great blessings was finding Sergio (Pastor Felix’s son and a study of architecture in the university) and Will (our driver this week and Adolfo’s son) contributing to the mural. Both of these men have gifts of drawing and architecture. To see them participate and contribute to the mural is a great encouragement. This mural is an expression of peace and unity in this community. The peace that comes from the work of God here.

Sergio and Will drew the letters and Terry painted them
Sergio and Will drew the letters and Terry painted them



Everyone found a place to be and serve today. Bonnie pulling out her creative gifts, Julio translating in unexpected moments, B.J. visiting families and telling stories…Sherri connecting children with her smile…the list goes on and on. We are overflowing. Please pray for us to be humble, open and obedient. It is all we can do here. Let it be.

2 thoughts on “Monday Blessings

  • My morning devotional today was to read your blog and “enter into the experiences you describe”. It feels like my own spiriit is reaching out to join hands with you and this wonderful team”. Prayers are with you. Peace and love!

  • Hi Vona,

    Your comments and pictures always make me feel like I was there experiencing everything with you and the group, no matter who the group is. Thanks so much for the communication. I NEED to hear and see these. My faith grows as yours does!

    Love and Blessings,
    Peg OM

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