Reunion with Carrie at Hotel Panchoy in Guatemala.
Reunion with Carrie at Hotel Panchoy in Guatemala.

We knew it was possible that we would run into one another in Guatemala but we had no idea how/when/where…or if.  Carrie and I are from the same church. She was once a teenager in my youth group. In the beginning I was her Sunday School teacher…then her youth pastor…and today one of her pastors when she visits “home” in Franklin, TN. Carrie had a heart for helping others from the beginning and we have shared many missions together.

She has been with a team from North Carolina (where she is in graduate school) this week and they have worked north of Quetzaltenango in an area called Alaska. I was so happy to see her this morning. I poured out a bunch of joy tears…and also just tears of love and gratitude. Her life is beautiful.  We have been in Nicaragua together but never Guatemala…until today.

As it turned out, this was another unexpected blessing.  The team leader, Ryan, had become sick and was not able to return home with the team today.  When I arrived at the hotel the team had already left for the airport and Carrie, Ryan’s dad and Ryan were making decisions about who would stay and who would fly on home.  As only God could arrange it, being here gave an extra layer of peace as  Carrie said goodbye to Ryan (also her boyfriend of several years) and left to catch the flight home with the team.  Ryan’s dad stayed behind and I am nearby should an extra hand be needed.  I call this God’s grace….going before us…beside us and behind us…making sure everything we need for the moments that arise is provided.  I am thankful beyond words.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  • What a joy to see you two together!! It is amazing how God brings the body of Christ together at different moments and times and how is timing and plans are perfect

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