January Morning

There is no wildlife on the pond this morning…only ice. The reeds are still and cold. The edges of the water sticky against the grass.  The ducks and geese have chosen a different location for their morning chat.  They are using Plan B. I wonder where it is? I wonder if they flew in this morning and saw the conditions…then chose another way…like the Wise Men.  Or are they here and I cannot see them….nestled in the brush all huddled together for warmth…waiting for the thaw. 

Maybe they were here early…dancing on the ice…slipping and falling because they are better at swimming than dancing.  Yes… busting their feathers then jumping up to fly off  with bruises and joy for the good time!  Probably so. Sometimes conditions change and a new approach is required. You have to make the most of it – embrace the moment and see what happens.  So ducks and geese fly off in reckless abandon this morning….with joy on their wings.  And maybe gratitude that something has changed, even if it involved some bruises.  

3 thoughts on “January Morning

  • Thank you for a fresh perspective … “gratitude that something has changed, even if it involved some bruises” … YES!

  • Hi, Vona. I’m looking out at my icy pond too, also without ducks and geese today. After your letter, I will not see my pond the same way, but now it will remind me to pray for you on mission. May it be wonderfully successful. In His name, Christine Kline

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