The Bridge

Calle en AntiguaThe transition place from our work to the return home is Antigua again this year.  It is a beautiful city. There is not much “rest” but rather, a change of environment. There are many historical and beautiful sites to see.  It is a place to soak in the culture…to breath in the music and the art…to learn from what others are doing.  There are many volunteers in Antigua who are teaching the children and learning spanish.  If you talk with anyone on the street you will meet one of these volunteers.

I visited two special places in the last 2 days  The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City and God’s Child Project in Antigua.  Both of these centers of hope were established by people who were stirred by a need and decided to act.  The two things I noticed about these projects that made me take interest:
1.  They listened to, respected and engaged the Guatemalan people in the project.  The murals on the walls of the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center are the result of 15 Guatemalan artists collaborating and painting to create a beautiful place for children when they come for surgery.

The mural at God’s Child Project. It was created by Freddy E. De Leon Cruz. Febrero del 2000.

The murals at God’s Child Project were also created by Guatemalan artists.

A view into the outdoor chapel at God’s Child Project. The chapel’s stone door is completely open…never closed. A sacred space for all to enjoy.

2.  Both projects engaged others in a way that allowed something amazing to emerge.  In each of these special places there were small tiles with names or a statement that provided a little history of who or what contributed to a certain room or area being established.  It was not done with a “look what I did” feel to it…it seemed more to be saying, “I’m honored to be a part of this vision”.

When I walked onto our church campus in Franklin, Tennessee Sunday morning I was greeted by a church family that I love.  I took off my coat and put on my robe.  I placed a stole from Guatemala around my neck. It has many colors, including purple, because it is the season of Lent.  The robe reminds me to set aside “me” and allow God to use me this morning.  The stole reminds me that I am here to serve.  Many people asked about our mission experience.  The prayer team had taken the journey with us in spirit.  The congregation took the journey with us in provision, in sponsoring of children and in prayer.  It is humbling to be a part of a community of faith that is willing to follow wherever God leads.

There was no anxiety when I got on the flight to come home.  There was no concern of leaving behind too much undone.  I only sensed peace.  The peace that surpasses all understanding. (Philippians 4: 6-7). The peace that says, “this is no longer a project or an event. This is life and the bridge between here and there is open.  Come and go with peace.” Let it be.

The palacia decorated for Lent in Antiqua

5 thoughts on “The Bridge

  • Our prayer team has been praying that God would “get us out of the way” or “remove” our will of man and to let God be the source of our actions and vision.
    Prayer is powerful and our prayer team is intentionally.
    Thank you for introducing me to these humble hearts.

  • Love the de Leon Cruz mural depicting native Guatemalans, coming of the church and priest with Bible proclaiming the Word, Guatemalan banana commerce, and modern era. Panorama of centuries all on one wall! Lots of good ideas for murals in the future. Thanks, Christine

  • Your work has blessed you and blessed those with whom you worked. Life will never be the same for you or them. Thank you for following your leadings, taking the trip, working with people you had not known before. God is always pleased when you/we step out and follow a path He has set up for you/us. Your ministry has been blessed. You have been blessed. We who have read about your trip and your work have been blessed. Thank you for sharing with us. I have seen and learned things I never would have learned about without your blogs. Bless you for being obedient. Your friend, Peg Hulit OM

  • One of the things that “happen” when i’m on the computer is that “things” appear. Not always but sometimes. Today this little two page series of blogs “appeared”. Some I may have seen before but most I had not. I “lose” “things” and cannot bring them up again but sometimes they appear unbidden and many times they bring a special blessing. Tonight is one of those as I share your G trip of this summer and write about Colorado and the family things and the special connections that we have in the “family’ especially with the cousins. I marvel that I am allowed to share with those so much younger and in many ways wiser than I. From time to time I need my parscpectives changed and this summer was one of those times. Tonight helped to knit those thing together. Thank you

    • Aunt Ouida, thank you for reading and sharing. It makes me smile to think of us connecting here even when we are distances apart. I also need my perspectives changed every now and then. My Aunts, Uncles and cousins have often been a source for that inspiration. I love you.

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