Early Morning Moon

early morning moon in February

Early morning moon
you shine strong though night
has long since past
Your witness to the rhythms of the
earth and sky
rising and setting
visible and invisible
hidden and revealed.

Soon we return.
I return
Land of language and color
Land of los niños and coffee trees
mangoes and plantains
dirt and violence
hunger and despair
Love and joy
hidden and revealed
in the rhythms of life
of human beings breathing in
and out in the place
of their planting.

Leaving and returning
coming and going
between here and there
The holy rhythms of faithfulness
to a God that calls from
both places with a  sharp
voice and Light that shines
too bright to ignore.
Like the moon, even after
night has long since past.

Vona Rose Wilson
Febraury 9, 2012

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