Walking in the Rain

Tiki and I just came in from our first walk in the rain. Well, more than a “walk in the rain” because there is a pretty good amount of thunder and lightning to experience with it.  I knew this day would come and I wondered how I would feel about it.  I know it doesn’t sound right, but we loved it!  I traded in my high heels for a good pair of flip-flops; my tailored sweater for a rain parka and kept the animal print skirt because I didn’t feel like changing clothes. We headed out with an umbrella and a sense of adventure.  It all proved worthwhile. The rain pouring down reminds me of the rain in Guatemala and it is welcomed tonight. Our soil here needs it; my soul here needs it.

Afterwards, with a little energy to spare because our walk was brief (even us “brave” ones aren’t that enchanted with lightning) we ran sprints in the hallway which was too much fun. One of my neighbors came out and found me….in an animal print skirt, yellow rain parka and flip-flops, running sprints with my dog. I made a lame apology and she assured me it’s all “OK”.  I guess she already knows all about the joy of walking in the rain and finding anywhere you can to run with joy. I don’t know, but for me, it smells a bit like grace is covering us here tonight. Let it be.

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