Seeing Again…

I wonder sometimes why we  are able to see some things and other things simpy escape us completely. Our minds gets closed or our fears invade.  It is never very comfortable to see something that is beyond where you mind and spirit have grown. Even a good “insight” can cause chaos.  Two examples come to mind from the Scriptures. One is from my reading today where Ezekial is shown some pretty strange visions and then given a job.  The vision (Ezekial 1-3) includes man, animal and angel type combinations. It includes wheels and spirit and the presence of God. It is so overwhelming, all he can do is listen, look and fall on his face.  Pretty weird stuff.  Ezekial was given a job to speak no matter what the circumstances; God equipped him to stand up and follow.

The other example that comes to mind is Peter’s dream/vision where he was shown all these things that he could eat….all things that before that day had been forbidden in his practices of faith.  That vision rocked Peter’s world. It changed everything.  It had to feel so awkward – so uncomfortable – and yet so amazing all at the same time.  Peter who was fierce to do act and do what was needed – had to stop and say, “Oh….OK….you are showing me a different way.

Part of the humble following of God is being open to the new things God shows us even when they are so different from what we have known. Tomorrow I will see Tikal. It will be different from anything I’ve ever seen or known. It is a tradition that is more ancient than my knowledge of history and it is a history that has long shaped the culture in Guatemala.  I am excited to see touch the stones…to hear the listen to the sounds of the jungle…and to see. Let it be.

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