The joy of learning!

I am laughing at myself…as I am doing a lot now! I brought my blog post via jump drive to the internet cafe but..the computer is in espanol and I am not sure yet how to access my file. There is not a lot of time to figure it out so I will start from scratch. The pictures I thought were on my jump drive are really not there…oh well…as they say here… Guatever.

Learning a different language and culture is good for my soul. I am out of my comfort zone and into the place we call Faith.  It is good that my school week was only three days.  I study each afternoon and night. I am ready for the weekend! We have an excursion in the morning… a hike somewhere for about 6 hours…I am ready for this.

I have moved past my initial discomfort and am now meeting people, exploring a bit and practicing with my host family. There are three children in the house which is great.  They welcome my elementary speech and laughter.  Lilian and I are beginning to have conversation. She is very gracious.  Her cooking is FABULOUS! Yes, I miss my spinach so much and I worry if I will get to eat any fresh green produce anytime soon. But… I love her plantains, her rice, beans and eggs with homemade salsa.  She had a cake to bake for 30 people today so that was fun watching her create this morning and seeing the result this afternoon.

Let me say this. God made Xela a beautiful place. Surrounded by 10 mountains….quite similar to Franklin, TN in that way of special vistas.  And unlike Franklin in most other ways.  Sometimes in the new places of dependence on our Creator we are able to hear the whispers that go unnoticed among the noise of ordinary life.   I am listening to the whispers of God rising from the mountains of Xela. It is good. God is faithful. I am grateful.  Let it be.

2 thoughts on “The joy of learning!

  • I love reading what you write, your gift of explanation is divinely sent it seems. I love how you are given laughter there too, we know how important that is for you and Gravy:)! Laughter is like breath:) Ahhhh, enjoy the hike, the beaty in creation and letting it be.

  • we will miss you in the morning. I am inspired by your faithfulness and ashamed @ my envy. To be completely available to GOD’s leading is something I strive to be. I wait with anticipation for your next post.

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