Building Plans

my life journal musings from today….

SCRIPTURE:  “For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”  Hebrews 3:4

OBSERVATION:  God uses people to “build” the house of God’s presence on earth.

APPLICATION:  When I read the stories of our faith I can see the obvious purposes of God being carried out over the generations. Moses had his part in leading the people out of slavery; Joseph had his part in feeding the hungry and leading a community; Solomon had his part in building the temple; Lydia had her part in funding radical ministry; Paul had his part in sharing the gospel in other lands. The list goes on and on.

Uncle Bob does his part in keeping us grounded in the simplicity of how life works. he built bridges in his career. Today he builds hope and delivers it all over the nation. Sometimes it is in his own community teaching in church; another time it is delivering a truck load of Bibles to a community that needs them; on any given day it might be him just showing up with a truck when you are sitting there saying, "I sure do need a truck to haul away this stuff!" Uncle Bob is quite simply, an answer to prayer for many people, most of whom are complete strangers.

My Lester grandparents had their part too. P.E. and Myrtle Lester were a poor couple raising 9 kids and farming in Western Kentucky. It was a hard life.  P.E. brought the gift of faith to the mix. Myrtle brought the gift of unconditional love.  What started out as two young, poor but determined people, has grown into over 100 of us now that make up this small part of the  “Lester generations”. We are scattered everywhere…building our part of the plan.  When we are together we can see the diversity and richness of what God has created with us….what God is building with us. We have all been given the gift of unconditional love. It was not something we earned or gained by skill or even deserved. It was passed onto us by our grandparents as a gift from God.

Aunt Cozi, Nancy & Ouida with Alan and Angela. Three of P.E. & Myrtle's 9 kids doing an adventure in Alaska this year. Aunt Cozi builds joy, Aunt Nan builds courage, Aunt Ouida builds people. Alan builds communication that respects and honors people. Angela builds love. Just a glimpse of that far-reaching "plan". In this picture it is reaching from Southern California, through Colorado, Washington D.C. and on down to Florida. Pretty amazing!

For my grandparents – it was building a family based on faith and unconditional love, while also caring for the land to make it fruitful for feeding the world. They had no idea how far their part of the “building plan” would reach.  We have no idea how far our part of the building plan will reach.  My cousins are all busy with their part.  When I see them I am reminded that God is designing a house on earth that changes the daily experience of people we encounter.  I want to be part of that building plan. What about you? What building plans have you been given?

Cousins! Luis and Elizabeth came into our family by way of Costa Rica when we were all kids. Teresa, on the far right, was a welcomed guest at our reunion this year. She is a friend from Mexico.
Cousins! Dustin and Ellyana. These cousins build in Kentucky!
Cousins! Sean and Kevin Fitzpatrick. They build in Alaska, Hawaii, and soon...Kevin will be building in India. Sean builds people and environments where they can flourish. Kevin is just receiving his part of the "building plan" and we know it involves India!

PRAYER:  Lord, thank you for reminding me of how you work. Thank you for showing me this in my family. I am happy to do my part in whatever way you choose. Thank you for involving me at all.














YIELD:  I will give attention to the plans of the Lord and be faithful to do my part.

7 thoughts on “Building Plans

  • Love this, Vona. Thank you for reminding us what a beautiful building — cathedral — we have!!!

  • What a legacy Uncle Price and Aunt Myrtle left. How proud they are today of this far-flung family they spawned. Beatifully written Vonna – you do your namesake proud. She (Aunt Myrtle) was one of the most creative and loving persons I have ever known.

    • Thank you Judy, that is a huge compliment! I miss Grandma Lester’s creativity but come across it often in different members of the family. A poem will just “pop out” of one of us every now and then! Thank you for reading the blog and for remembering how amazing P.E. and Myrtle Vona Lester were on earth….and even more so now in heaven.

  • Vona, having your mom as my best friend has brought to me so many blessings. Going to the Lester home and getting to know her mom, dad, and all her siblings was such a joy. Now you have addded to my joy in your writing. Thank you, Betty Lee

    • Betty Lee, thank you for reading and for commenting. It’s funny what our friends “pick up” when they encounter our families in those years of school and overnights. Appreciate your sharing.

  • Dearest gravy cousin,
    I am full of emotion today. Thank you for sending me the note to watch the video. God had somehow already taken me there and I don’t even know how I got there except through Gods nudge. I was in tears on my knees, in thanksgiving and much more. Your writings gave me calm and took me to the deep waters of calm. Thank you for putting words to many of my feelings. Oh how blessed I am to be at this place and have a cousin like you to walk beside me. You are loved

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